Sunday, April 9, 2006

What A Gorgeous Day!

Oh man.... the day here is absolUTEly Gorgeous. Crisp, yet sunny..... evenings cool to cold, millipede heaven.
Magnaboy has gone out visiting my bro, StoneBoy.... I unfortunately didn't go, due to not feeling 100%... but sitting out in the sunshine is soon warming the cockles of my heart.
Speaking of which, I shall return to it.... fark sitting here in!



Saturday, April 8, 2006

UTES,UTES,UTES...oh, & A Bentley.

Hey!!!!! Amazing what a few hundred shiney,highly polished,damn fine & expensive cars will do for a gal with depression!
I'm on a high right now.... but that could also be from the giant lollipop I'm gnawing at right now too(damn wooden stick centre...).
It was great to get out into the testosterone filled air of the Adelaide Motor Show, and geez it was 100% better than last year(plus I had a better chaperone this Magnaboy!)...what with more Utes.
Bumped into a BeautUtes/SA Ute Club member, Grampa(aka Rumsup1 aka Deano), polishing madly all the utes on display for the Ute comp. Haven't seen him since this time last year, when Billy visited.
I will be posting more Ute pic's up over the next few days or so, but for now.... these above will do.
The Bentley is apparently the most expensive car in the whole show, for an amazing $650,000 odd buckeroos!! The chick who parades around inside the roped off area offered me unrestricted photo opportunity, but I declined.... would've felt a real nong pretending to be some kind of photographer that I'm not!!! Magnaboy thought she was flirting with him I think!!!! =D

We spent $$ we shouldn't really have, but hey..... all in all, we had a damn good day. And that's what matters.... Now I need to look into car loan calculator for my next Ute :)


Friday, April 7, 2006

Pic's For Thou...

Didn't go to the Adelaide Motor Show....... (that damned Aunt Flo has alot to answer for... feck her.)...will go tomorrow probablly. So instead of photo's from there, here are a couple from BeautUtes online Muster. Some really awesome machines out there. I wonder how many carry-on luggage would fit into their boots ..... drool worthy!


Wednesday, April 5, 2006


...May be a good thing right now.

Can't seem to see a light at the end of the tunnel. There seems no point in getting out of bed. I'm trying to stay afloat, really I am... but fuck it's not easy.
This month is "Bill Month"... and there's no fucking way we are going to be able to pay them all. I feel a total loss, a total piece of shit, a total fucking loser.
I feel alot of unworthy things right now. Not the least totally trapped in some kind of waking nightmare-ish hell.
And then, as if my tears aren't already flowing enuf, I see Baxter, and it starts up again. I still miss him dreadfully... tho it's not that awful vision I saw of him everytime I lay my head on the pillow at night. That's gone, which I'm so thankful for. I just want to see the good memories of my little man... not the last horrible days.

It appears this surveying job that both Magnaboy & I were hoping he'd get has gone the way of all the rest. No word now for weeks. They promised to contact him this most employers do.
There's this segment on A Current Affair tonight that Magnaboy said he want's to watch... about how supposedly, there are all these "fantastic" paying jobs in Australia going begging, and that "Nobody" wants. Yeah right..... that's complete utter bullshit. I bet they're all the fucking same as all the jobs( "THOUSANDS OF JOBS ONLINE- ) advertised each and every day on CareerOne or Seek.... you email, & you NEVER hear from them.....EVER.
It's a fucking con mate....a complete and utter fucking con job.

Magnaboys gone out. He's looking at going back into Security work.....neither of us want that.....but wtf do you do when there's nothing else.

I can feel this heavy fuckin depression hitting me.... and I just want out.


Tuesday, April 4, 2006

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Monday, April 3, 2006

"Thar's Vermin In That Thar Abode..."

Oh how fucking lovely!!! Now I know I WONT sleep for fucking ages.....what with pesky vermin, namely mices roaming our house.....*whimper*
Just got off phone to DBoy(aka BuzzFuzz, aka bro in WA), wishing him & sis in law Happy 13th wedding anniversary... & I casually asked if they ever had mouse problems... to which he replied, "SHIT YEAH!" oh joy.
He went on to tell of the mousies...rats in da roof... running across the floor...shitting on the exhaust fan in the kitchen & the remains dropping on the stove...the humungous rats they saw...(which btw I saw one the other night, but THOUGHT it was a small possum) the two sheds being chewed to bits.... I could go on.
I brought it up 'cos Magnaboy reckons he saw a mouse running across the lounge floor the other night, in front of the gas heater. I gafawed, said he was just trying to scare moi... but alas, no...he was fucking serious. Shit.
So, it appears we need to get ourselves some serious rat/mouse bait,mouse traps. If it's not one fucking vermin(ie: ants) it's another.
Just another reason to get out of here quick smart. Funny...all the time we were in the house in the the country....not one mouse in da house.

So much for our fat lazy cat..... too well fed to chase mice. =(


Saturday, April 1, 2006


My bro, Wolfie quite liked that term. I use it, quite often. It's just one of my many "Keltic" language words.
It basically means a stew, or curry. Which is what is cooking in the oven right now. A nice hot curry stewish...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
The smell is wafting through the house, and it is DEVINE!
It's a cold,cloudy Autum-ish day...perfect weather for a stewish. =)

Got a couple of DVD's for tonight..... a Steven Sea-gull one(Magnaboy's delight),"Black Dawn"... and a feel good comedy with Meryl Streep & Uma Thurman, "Prime".

No news here on anything really...Oh...hang on a tick, my friend finally(a whole fricking week!!!) named their baby boy!!!!!! Jordan. There are other middle names,but too long and complicated to write here!

Going now....put the rice on to cook. JOY!!!!!!!